June 22nd, 2018

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Below is a comment posted in response to this article in Khaleej Times.

This is madness, and a time of reckoning for the Government of Pakistan. The US pursues only its own ends, and the US war on terror is not Pakistan’s war. It is no-one’s war except a deranged cowboy’s who was fraudulently elected to arguably the strongest office held by man on earth. If anything, there must now be a counter war on terror on this ‘war on terror’, since the latter has laid two countries to waste and has designs on God alone knows how many more.

The general sentiment in Pakistan and amongst Pakistanis has gone from dissent to utter fury, and the Government of Pakistan, elected, installed, or self appointed, will do well to remember that the cumulative fury of 170 Million people amounts to more than a routing in elections through street protests.

In response to these blatant and audacious attacks on the sovereignty of the country, Pakistan must pull out of this senseless war, make peace with its own people in the North, cut supply lines via Pakistan to the US, and following the lead of Malik Nasrullah of North Waziristan, who has shown more wisdom, and statesmanship than the puppet regime in Islamabad, categorically present a united front to any invading forces having designs on our sovereignty. The time for diplomacy was long gone when Bush signed on any papers authorizing incursions into our country. Diplomacy and War can NEVER work side by side.

Such moves will be the right step towards healing the self inflicted wounds for the nation, and will be in tune with the wishes of the nation. When the leadership decides to heed the call of the nation, uphold the nation’s pride, the nation will stand behind the leadership. United, we are willing to take the consequences whatever they might be. The politics/diplomacy of fear must be replaced with statesmanship and politics of pride.

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