June 22nd, 2018

Barber’s Blade.0

So, now the wifey insists that I should have our cute littlle daughter’s head shaved. The logic behind that is supposed to be that the barber’s blade is good for healthy growth of hair. Here I was thinking that the BB was actually detrimental to any hair.
Ah … the wisdom of the east. Not always wise.
It was the same wisdom that had me sold on the idea. I spent my last year in high school and two years in graduation looking like a neo-nazi, just so I would have a mane to run my fingers through in my university days. By the time I came to my university days, I could have slit anybody who mentioned the barber’s blade and my hair in the same breath.
The hair stays. A li’l trimming, no problems. Anything more – over my bald head.

Failed Superheroes …0

I was sitting in the front seat of the school bus. Next to me was Omer Talib Roohi. It is strange that I still remember his full name. Its almost 18 years since, and he was not even my class fellow. And he did not have any sisters. Wonder why would I remember his first, middle and surname. Come to think of it I even remember his brothers’ names too. Haseeb and Muneeb.

Anyway, what does it matter? The point is I was in the front seat of the bus. And that used to be something in those days. The previous night I had seen this epsiode of some super hero show, where the guy had tele kinetic powers, if that is the correct term. He could move things with his eyes, and all he seemed to do before he achieved that was focus on what he wanted to move. So, I thought of putting in my own focus on the road. There was this car in front of us, and I started focusing on it. I do not remember what exactly did I wish to achieve by moving a moving car. Come to think of it, isn’t it wonderful I failed in my endeavour? But, not before I got this twitch in my left eye which led me to believe that I was on the verge of succeeding.

Failure was distressing and painful. Not as painful though as it was for Jalali Baba when he had tried becoming a super hero. Mausoof donned a superman costume and jumped off the balcony to land 20 feet onto ground. To this day, he throws a tangent each time he points straight ahead with his right arm. That must have hurt a lot more than not being able to move a moving car with your stare.

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